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Breath of InvocationMusic Sample
Breath of Invocation
Available on CD at Nature Explore or online through most download and streaming services.

Sound massage thru the soulful healing sounds of tuba, didgeridoo, shakuhachi, and piano created as an aid to biofeedback based, stress-relieving breathing techniques.

Breathing in a slow repetitive pattern has been shown, through clinical research, to help reduce stress. Breathing at a rate between 5 and 8 breaths per minute, and using an exhalation slightly longer than the inhalation tends to produce homeostasis in the autonomic nervous system. When inhaling, the heart rate accelerates, and when exhaling, the heart rate decelerates. Using this CD can help in the practice of these breathing patterns. Biofeedback is currently used in medical hospitals for patients with a variety of diagnoses (ex. headaches, migraines, hypertension, asthma, chronic pain). For more information on biofeedback, go to www.bcia.org or www.aapb.org.
-Erik T. Sowder, PhD, MSW, BCIA-C, health psychologist, and certified biofeedback practitioner

composed, mixed, mastered, and performed by Sean Murphy
front cover by Anne J. Froning
produced by Sean Murphy and Anne J. Froning